Monday, November 28, 2011



18 Days after my status change to Wife ....... still can't believe that i already belongs to someone that i really2 LOVE for the past 4 years ago. With this new life, i still in learning process to be a Good Wife.

As a working wife, its really challenging for me in managing my time. Like before i just to think about my self, but right now every time anytime i need to think for other person which it was My Husband. In counting another 4 days settling many matters especially for My Wedding Reception it's really make my life upside down.

Handling house & work matter & reception matter all in one time, i can say i really STRESSED !!! I Need A Break  !!!! woohooo

Looking at my condition i know my Husband understand my situation, with a pale face & more make me look miserable i have a Panda Eyes already, owh NO!!!!!!!! <---- I'm worry with that face i will look bad on my reception day.


What i want to story about My Husband he is a Man with a simple style,  He Don't Like To Talk So Much, He Only Talk About Important Matter, which its really totally different with me that never stop Mumbling & Talking every time & everyday , sometime when i talk to him seems he just ignoring me or if he want to answer my question he will answer with a nonsense answer..... wah that kind of attitude I really don't Like, even many time i told him i don't like, but he still doing it, he...won't change, hmmmmm.......... Oh My Husband.

Yesterday he know I'm stressed, so he bring me out, in car we discuss everything & like always he will do what he like to do............ argh !!!!!!! His ruin my day........... Then I'm tired to argue with him, i just sit down quietly & listen to the song that played on radio that time. When we arrive at the place that we want to go, I'm so Mad when he keep doing his attitude ... Keep On Ignoring me.......... then i just walk directly to the shopping complex.....At that kind of mood what i can do?? the only choice is window shopping totally, No Mood Already huhuhuh
After that i realize "Where's My Husband??" hmmm he leave me alone at that shopping complex ???? Uwargh !!! Its Make me more Mad at him, then what i do??? i just stay at 1 place with a Blank Mine...... emmmmm thinking what should i do???

Suddenly My Phone Ringing..... i Received a call from No. 017-820XXXX, well i recognize that No. It was Him .... well because i really Mad at him i keep on rejecting the call.....

At same time i received SMS from him, he instruct me to come to 1 Shop.... then i just ignore that SMS.... He keep on calling but because I'M STUBBORN i just make Dot Know....hahahaha i just copycat what he do to me before.

Surprise when he manage to find me....... i just look at him with a Blur mine.... What how come..... ????  i'm curious  maybe he already setting a Friends Finder  at my hp., Ish.... why he leave me alone, I'm Miss Him already....

Then he bring me to 1 shop & show me something,  that time i smile like Joker already ..... wee I'm so Happy, he give me this Full Set Of Crabtree & Evelyn............

Evelyn Rose Jewelry Box
RoseWater Bath & Shower Gel ,Body Lotion,Body Cream,Eau De,Soap
With Cotton Towel
With Red Gum Honey &
With Free Gift Lavender Bath Gel & Body Lotion

I remember that i told him before i really2x wish for this Set long time ago, my previous entry also already mention about this. When i told My Husband, he said he will buy for me but need to wait until everything settle or wait for his end of month salary. So in my mine I'm not expected will get it soon, even he just promise will buy but not confirm when, it also  already make me satisfied.

At that time & that place, i also not expected he will remember about this....... *ahaks ~ i can't stop smiling :)

Yeah I Really LOVE Him, He is My Husband

He is the King that know how to make me Mad ............ but
He is also the King that know how to won my Heart ...............

& That Man I Called Husband Is My Ayang

Love Him So Very2 Much, He Always In My Heart

To all readers sorry seems this entry look personal, but i don't care hihihihi

This the 1st entry i wrote in English.... every single sentence is really so in order, if its hard to understand Sorry !!!!......... don't blame me, i will do my very best for next entry will do in simple & easy way...

Truly by,
 Soo Rie Ann Tee

Friday, November 25, 2011

D.I.Y. Hand Bouquet

Previously akue dah story ttg Bunga Tangan aka Hand Bouquet, utk entri kali nie simple jer tak perlu byk story mory banyak2x.........

Jom D.I.Y. Hand Bouquet

4 cara paling ringkas & cepat anda pun leh buat sendiri juga......
Sumber foto dr Karasparty :)
Sumber lain demo leh tanya Pacik Youtube ....... key-in jer kat kotak Search How To Do Hand Bouquet, zapppp !!!! keluar segala demo2 :)

Sesi Buli Lil Sis, paksa dia buat Hand Bouquet akue....


 Soo Rie Ann Tee


Thursday, November 24, 2011

(WP) Sesi Rehatkan BODY


Klu sebut ttg rehatkan Body apa yg anda akan fikir ???? Spa ??? Mandi Lulur ??? Urutan Badan ??? Mandi Bunga ???? DLL......

Klu anda Bakal2 Pengantin, mesti benda nie akan diutarakan, kunun2 sebagai persedian lah..... hihihihi... syiok tue klu kena urut2 longgarkan segala sendi2 dan urat2 yg berkulut......

Tapi klu akue tak da buat Spa2, Mandi Lulur, Urut2 ngehehehe...... maksudnya tak ada lah buat acara tradisional tue, senang kat klu duduk kat bandar dpt escape 1 acara :) yg mana kebiasaannya selepas acara Malam Berinai mesti ada Acara Mandi Lulur......

Bkn apa mmg kakak tempat akue order Make-Up ada offer tapi akue nie jenis penyegan klu org lain touch2 My Body.......... Geli Geleman Bulu Roma Pun Berdiri ahahahahaha !!!!! besa klu nak minta urut pun p jer kat Kerusi Ogawa, oke apa..... hmmmmmmm

So jalan penyelesaian nya akue deside Mandi Bunga, ambek Bunga 7 Jenis, kelopak2 Bunga bubuh lah kat sebaldi Air jangan lupa letak hirisan limau dan pewangi yg bersesuaian, nak feel lagi pasang lilin aroma terapi..... wahh !!! btl2 kat Spa sdh, then akue just minta nenek akue baca kan doa yg berkaitan bkn yg karut mengarut oke , dah tue Mandi sendiri lah ........ Insyallah Berseri juga wajah korang tue............. Neh JIMAT kan ????

Klu masih tak reti juga beli jer lah set Spa kat Body Shop @ mana2 kedai penjagaan skin sure, confirm ada punya :)

Image Detail
Seronok nyer klu dpt cam nie..... uhuuu
Image Detail
Damai jiwa.... argh.....
Image Detail
Main rendam2 kaki
Image Detail
Feel releks dah wlu hanya tgk gambar..... auwwww...... nak cam gini
Image Detail
Body Shop Spa Set

Image Detail
Spa Set
Bila Story2x ttg penjagaan diri tetiba akue teringat nak sangat produk nie, lama dah mengidam nie

Spa Baskets calgary
Nak nie !!! Nak nie !!! hujung minggu bodek ayang.... ngehehehe Suke sgt Rose Water feveret akue !!!

Brand Crab Tree & Evelyn nie produk Malaysia oke, sangat famous kat Over Da Sea, caya ler akue kata sbb nya Member akue yg stay kat Over Da Sea yg introduce kat akue utk guna Brand nie, huhuhu sungguh malu time tue akue tak tau itu Brand Malaysia. Even founder org American
Cambridge, Massachusetts dan dah jual company nyer kat org Malaysia tp still dikembangkan market oleh Company Malaysia. Semua Research, Design,Manufactured & Develop still maintain kat US & UK.
Tak caya ????

Baca nie

So pada pengemar2 perfume, why not try this Brand sama standart juga ngan Lancome (perfume akue), Hugo,Elizabeth Arden dan semua2 famous brand..... tak rugi mencuba pun ..... till then Rajin2 lah manjakan diri XD

Truly by,
 Soo Rie Ann Tee


Wahahahahaha!!!! Baru nak keluarkan list, sungguh terbalik patut list nie dah keluar awal2 lagi, tp akue malu coz banyak benda tak settle lagi time tue........


Pihak Perempuan
* Salinan Kad Pengenalan Pengantin Perempuan Disahkan Benar JPN
* Salinan Surat Beranak Pengantin Perempuan Disahkan Benar JPN
* Salinan Kad Pengenalan Wali Pengantin Perempuan Disahkan Benar JPN
* Salinan Kad Pengenalan 2 Org Saksi Pengantin Perempuan Disahkan Benar 
* Surat Pengesahan Status Dari Ketua Kampung Tempat Pemastautin/Majikan
* Sijil Kursus Kahwin & Salinan Asal (8 & 9/10/2011)
* Laporan Kesihatan HIV (25/10/2011)
* Salinan Sijil Kahwin Ibu Bapa Bagi Pengantin Perempuan Anak Pertama

Pihak Lelaki
* Salinan Passport Disahkan Benar Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia
* Salinan Kad Pengenalan 2 Org Saksi Pengantin Lelaki Disahkan Benar
* Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin Dari Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia
* Sijil Kursus Kahwin & Salinan Asal (8&9/10/2011)
* Laporan Kesihatan HIV (25/10/2011)

Nota :- Harga Borang Permohonan Kebenaran Berkahwin RM5.00 1 keping
            Pengesahan Benar JPN Free
            Kursus Kahwin RM100.00 seorang
            Ujian Saringan HIV RM1.00 warganegara & RM15 bukan warganegara

Pihak Lelaki
* Surat Rekomen Nikah Dr Tempat Asal
* Pemegang Visa Lawatan Still Valid
* Surat Kebenaran Nikah Luar Negara
* Surat Pengesahan Status Dari Tempat Asal N1,N2,N3,N4 & N5
* Gambar Passport 1 Keping

Pihak Perempuan
* Borang Permohonan Kebenaran Berkahwin dr JHEINS
* Surat Keterangan Pengesahan Status Dari Ketua Kampung Tempat 
* Surat Akuan Sumpah Status Oleh Pesuruh Jaya Sumpah
* Surat Akuan Sumpah Wali Kebenaran Bernikah
* Salinan Kad Pengenalan Pengantin Perempuan Disahkan Benar JPN
* Salinan Kad Pengenalan Wali Pengantin Perempuan Disahkan Benar JPN
* Gambar Passport 1 Keping

Nota :- Harga Kos Proses RM70.00
            Surat Pesuruhjaya Sumpah Rm30.00 sekeping

* Tarikh : 11.11.11 (Jumaat)
* Masa : 9.00 pagi
* Tempat : Masjid Daerah
* Tok Kadi : Imam Masjid
* Saksi 2 Orang
* Wali
* Pengantin Lelaki
* Pengantin Perempuan
* Bayaran Tok Kadi
* Bayaran Proses Borang
* Bayaran 2 Orang Saksi
* Mas Kahwin
Persiapan Pengantin Perempuan
* Baju Dress
* Tudung
* Anak Tudung
* Veil
* Keronsang
* Kasut
* Bunga Tangan
* Juruandam
* Stokin
Persiapan Pengantin Lelaki
* Cincin Untuk Pengantin Perempuan
* Baju Melayu
* Butang Baju Melayu
* Songkok
* Samping
* Chapal
Persiapan Lain
* Karpet Tempat Duduk Kadi & Pengantin Lelaki
* Kenderaan Pengangkutan
* Kamera Sendiri <-- rekod video
* Photographer (Sherry Production)
Persiapan Kenduri
* Senarai Tetamu 50pax
* Menu Masakan

* Tarikh : 03.12.11 (Sabtu)
* Masa : 9.30 pagi - 3.30 petang
* Tempat : Hall Wisma Pertanian
* Sewa Meja
* Sewa Kerusi
* Sewa Alas Meja
* Sewa Alas Kerusi
* Sewa Meja Buffet
* Alas Meja Buffet
* Karpet Merah
* Hiasan Meja Makan Pengantin & Keluarga - PENDING
* Hiasan Meja Makan Tetamu - On Progress
* Pelamin - DONE Deposit, still On Progress (Bridetobegallery)
* Set Renjis - Air Mawar,Bunga Rampai,Beras Kunyit (PENDING)
* Cenderahati
* Videographer (Our Own)
* Photographer - BOOKING
* Juruandam - BOOKING
* Kompang - BOOKING
* Karaoke - BOOKING, Deposit
* Pilihan Lagu
* Kereta Pengantin
* Hiasan Kereta Pengantin - PENDING
* Kek - DONE Deposit
* Pinggan
* Sudu
* Garfu
* Gelas
* Shafing Dish
* Tempat Nasi
Jug Air
* Tong Air
* Doom
* Tissue
* Menu
* Meja Buku Tetamu
* Alas Meja Buku Tetamu
* Buku Tetamu
* Buku Tetamu D.I.Y- CANCEL
* Frame Gambar x 3 - CANCEL
* Hiasan Bunga, Meja Buku Tetamu - CANCEL
* Stand Cup Cake
* Cup Cake - DONE Booking
* Botol Kaca x 3
* Conflakes - CANCEL
* Biskut Stick Perasa Coklat & Strawberry - CANCEL
* Coklat & Candy - CANCEL
* Colorfull Pen - CANCEL
* Meja Kek
* Alas Meja Kek
* Deco Meja Kek - CANCEL
* Pakaian Sanding Pengantin Lelaki
* Pakaian Sanding Pengantin Perempuan - On Progress
* Aksesori Pengantin Perempuan - On Progress
* Aksesori Pengantin Lelaki - On Progress
* Kasut Pengantin Perempuan
* Kasut Pengantin Lelaki
* Bunga Tangan
* Inai

* Tarikh : 03.12.11 (Sabtu)
* Masa : 5.00 pagi - 10.30 petang
* Tempat : Teratak Kg.Peringatan
* Sewa Meja - BOOKING
* Sewa Kerusi - BOOKING Balai Raya & Vendors
* Sewa Alas Meja
* Sewa Alas Kerusi - BOOKING
* Kanopi - BOOKING
* Pelamin - BOOKING (Bridetobegallery)
* Karaoke - BOOKING
* Cenderahati
* Pinggan
* Sudu
* Garfu
* Gelas
* Shafing Dish
* Tempat Nasi
Jug Air
* Tong Air
* Doom
* Tissue
* Menu
* Alat-Alat Memasak - On progress
Pakaian Sanding Pengantin Lelaki - On Progress
* Pakaian Sanding Pengantin Perempuan - On Progress
* Aksesori Pengantin Perempuan - On Progress
* Aksesori Pengantin Lelaki - On Progress
* Kasut Pengantin Perempuan
* Kasut Pengantin Lelaki
* Bunga Tangan

* Kotak Lutsinar Gold x 300
* Kotak Lutsinar Love Brown x 300
* Kipas Kayu Cendana x 20
* Bakul Gold x 100
* Kotak Kertas Kipas x 100
* Tag Thank You
* Colorfull Reben
* Coklat
* Gummy
* Popia
* Kacang
* Biskut

* Meja Buku Tetamu
* Alas Meja Buku Tetamu
* Frame Gambar Besar
* Stand Frame Gambar
* Frame Gambar x 3 - CANCEL
* Hiasan Bunga, Meja Buku Tetamu - CANCEL
* Stand Cup Cake
* Cup Cake
* Botol Kaca x 3
* Conflakes - CANCEL
* Biskut Stick Perasa Coklat & Strawberry - CANCEL
* Coklat & Candy - CANCEL
* Colorfull Pen - CANCEL
* Pre-Wedding Foto
* Buku Tetamu
* Buku Tetamu D.I.Y

* Kad Undangan Biasa x 500 keping
* Kad Undangan VIP x 300 keping
* Aturcara Rumah Kad Undangan Biasa - On Progress
* Aturcara Dewan Kad Undangan Biasa - On Progress
* Aturcara Rumah Kad Undangan VIP - On Progress
* Aturcara Dewan Kad Undangan VIP - On Progress

Baju Nikah Pengantin Perempuan
Baju Nikah Pengantin Lelaki
Baju Sanding Dewan Pengantin Perempuan - On Progress
Baju Sanding Dewan Pengantin Lelaki
Baju Sanding Rumah Pengantin Perempuan
Baju Sanding Rumah Pengantin Lelaki - On Progress
Baju Pengapit Perempuan
Baju Pengapit Lelaki
Baju Ahli Keluarga
Baju Flower Girl
Baju Flower Boy - On Progress

Pengantin Perempuan
* Mahkota
* Cucuk Sanggul
* Bunga Melati
* Veil
* Tudung Nikah
* Keronsang
* Sanggul Palsu
* Kasut Tumit Tinggi Nikah
* Stokin
* Kasut Tumit Tinggi Sanding
* Dokoh
* Rantai
* Subang
* Contact Lens
* Bunga Tangan Nikah
* Bunga Tangan Sanding
* Inai
* Make-Up Nikah
* Make-Up Sanding

Pengantin Lelaki
* Songkok
* Samping Nikah
* Chapal
* Tengkolok
* Bengkung
* Samping Sanding
* Kasut Sanding
* Rantai
* Keris

* 4 Postor Bed
* Almari
* Cadar
* Cat Bilik
* Langsir
* Mini Chandeliar
* Deco Salam
* Deco Kerawang
* Deco Kerawang Stand
* Cermin
* Deco Cermin Kerawang
* Deco Bunga & Pasu
* Langsir 4 Postor Bed
* Carpet Bulu2

Tapi kini akue boleh Senyum Ceria sampai ke telinga....... Sebab Dah Banyak CheckList yg dah Bergaris maknanya Tanda Settle, weeee......XOXO

Truly by,
 Soo Rie Ann Tee



Untuk Majlis Resepsi nanti Especially kat Dewan akue plan nak sediakan 1 Table khas utk Table Guess Book. Yg nak bertugas pun dah akun angkat tangan !!! Yeah Bestie Akue !!! Dengan itu akue dah buat research, walawee akue suka sangat bila dpt banyak idea yg TIP TOP !!!!.

Anda boleh cr inspirasi kat Link, kat cni lah sumber akue mendapat ilham utk Table Deco.... semuanya cantik, rambang mata terus, nak apa jenis tema semua pun ada.

Well Table Deco nie anda boleh D.I.Y. (senang ajer) main2 lah dgn minda anda, rajin2 lah berimiginasi....... tiada istilah clone/tiru jika kita buat rujukan sebab SENI itu luas & tidak terhad hanya pada seseorang saja.

Plan This Color For My Guess Book Table Deco

Yang nie comel..... tp kang dckp Birthday Party pula .... wee
Klu dpt buat cam nie kira oke juga..... cantik sgt tp Table Inggeris Style ssh nak dpt !!! Really Love White Deco

Let's Do Checklist utk Table Deco Guess Book......

1.  Frame Photo Pre-Wedding Akue & Ayang x 1 - on progress
2.  Frame Photo Engagement x 1 - on progress
3.  Frame Photo Nikah x 1 - on progress
4.  Guess Book x 1 - Ready
5.  Photo Book & Guess Book x 1 - on progress (entah sempat siap @ tak .....
     mo nangess udah)
6.  Cup Cakes x 100pcs - on progress, done booking with Aimey Cupcakes
7.  Cup Cakes Stand x 1- Ready
8.  A Glass Bottle Of Biscuit Stick Choc & Strawberry Flavour x 1- on progress
9.  A Glass Bottle Of Honey Cornflakes x 1- ask Cuzzy to buat !!!
10.A Glass Bottle Of Candy & Choc. x 1 - on progress
11.Colorfull Pen - on progress
12.Table Base x 1 Ready
13.Flower & Pot x 2 Ready

Photo akan di update later, hihihi Majlis kan belum berlansung lagi....

Other's Plan tak jadi adalah :-

Strawberry Pie ( budjet tak cukup High Cost hihihi )
( Tak tau mana nak order klu kat KK nie, dgr2 ssh nak buat kena ikut cuaca juga.... )

Wishing Tree (malas nak cari bahan punya kes!!)

Floating Candle + Flower + Potpouri
Takut kejadian tak diingini berlaku, tertumpah @ terbakar...... Jauh2kan lah Bahaya

Centerpiece Bongkah Kayu
( Ketandusan idea tak tau mana nak cari )

Mini Donuts........ tak cukup masa nak buat !!!
Nota2 Pesanan Buat Pengantin
Tak Dapat Cari Type Writer Antique, ada pun jauh kat kampung !!!
Chocolate Fountain
( Entah tak tau benda nie mana nak sewa.....)
Feveret Akue Strawberry & Chocolate .... yummy !!!! Tiba2 teringat time holiday kat Genting

Idea dah dtg mencurah2 tapi, keadaan, masa, budjet + malas yg menjadi kan byk idea Terhad. Anyway biarlah berpatutan dgn kemampuan anda oke

p/s : Nak sangat lolly2, candy2, gummy2, bubble2 gum yg weird2 & pelik2 design tp memandangkan industri segala benda tue terhad kat KK so semuanya pun jadey TERHAD !!!!!!

Anyways enjoy your idea & Bring it On !!!!!


Akue still mencari idea deco..... @ mungkin bila dah sampai masa nya nanti Deco terjun yg akan berlaku ahahaha......

Tumpukan mata anda pada Setting Meja Makan, Nice Giler !!!

Sangat GRAND....... woohooo !!!

Wah !!!!!!!!!!!!! Banyak Kristal2 :)
Mcm boleh dipertimbangkan design nie.... hmmmm

Sangat CANTIK !!!!!!!! Akue Suke !!!!!

Round Table Merah......

Semua design akue suka setting  nya !!! Jiwa pun kacau bilau sdh bila tgk semua design, masih berfikir lagi nie, walhal Meja Makan Beradab Akue  Meja Bulat aje............... senyum tak perlu kata apa2 :), yg penting akue Deco sendiri sbb Hobby akue & disitu lah akue luahkan segala design2 yg akue suka !!!!!!


Seronok sangat klu story bab deco & design nie............. terutama khas buat akue yg too fanatik bila sampai timing nak deco2. Jangan lupa setting meja Buffet, Let's share the design mana tau boleh diadaptasi mengikut kreativi masing2

Simple & Standard Design

So...... Klasik & Tradisional

Fening2 sdh akue menservay design2 yg ada.......................... Fuhh !!!!! Sah Confirm apa yg berlaku nanti  Deco Terjun yg akan melanda.... hihihi

Truly by,
 Soo Rie Ann Tee

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cake Deco

Entri sblm nie akue story ttg kek akue kan, seronok akue search2 Foto Design Kek, akue rasa funny pula kat Design Statue Bride & Bride Groom..... so nak share ngan korang.

Akue tak nak publish photo Kek yg Weird2 & Crazy2 design coz tak nak lah Blog akue semak ngan image2 gitu.

Jommm..... senyum2 sambil scroll2 ke bawah

Pancing Hubby hahaha !!!
Hubby yg teraniaya.... uhuuu
Alamak sungguh.......tak sabar kekekeke
Hubby ku Pemain Bola :)
Apalah kejadian ???
Ini Husband & Wife Agent CSI nie
Mcm Hubby yg terbunuh, muka wife tiada perasaan

Wife Ahli Politik kot...
Mcm menepati Kuota 4 ler.... hahaha
Kek Dilanggar Heli.....

Ini namanya Buli Hubby
Hubby yg jatuh dr Ketinggian 3 Tingkat

Drunk Wedding Cake
Mabuk sdh Bride & Bride Groom

Ahahahahaha semuanya lawak & lucu....................................................... akue ada hati nak buat patung cam nie tp payah nak jumpa, nak order pun kat oversea jer ada... mmmmm

Truly by,
 Soo Rie Ann Tee



Klu Majlis Sanding nie mesti ada acara potong kek kan........ So nak tak nak kek pun nak kena order juga, ada sesetengah org Kek digantikan dgn Pulut Kuning, apa2 pun terpulang pada yg punya badan.

Kek akue simple jer tak da bertingkat2 sampai 5, 6, 7, 8 tingkat...... Klu buat kat Hotel boleh lah setinggi tue sebab yg 2 kat bawah jer ORI yg lain semuanya replika. Ada juga HANYA tempat potong jer ORI oke..... alamak ........... tak seronok lah Tetamu tak dpt rasa Kek Anda.

Ok let me story ckit apa yg akue tau ttg Kek Kahwin,

Sumber info pertama adalah hasil pembacaan akue. Info oleh pembuat Kek (antara yg terfamous jg kat Malaysia nie, opss sorry lupa nama) mengatakan Standard Kek bg Org Melayu adalah 4 Tingkat yg mana ia mewakili 4 Acara penting bg si Pengantin Perempuan yg telah ia alami iaitu spt Acara Merisik, Acara Bertunang, Acara Nikah & Acara Sanding......... 

Sumber info kedua pula agak klasik ckit dr org2 tua. Katanya berapa tinggi Kek Si Pengantin ia akan mewakili berapa org lah zuriatnya..... oooooo....... gitu ek

Jadey..... utk makluman Kek akue hanya 2 Tingkat (p/s:- Order ikut suka hati, tak ikut mana2 info hanya ikut budjet.)
Kek besa2 yg tak grand2 even not from bakery famous pun,.........

Sepatutnya order kat kedai kek yg besa akue tempah kek, tp disebabkan kedai tue renovation maka terpaksa lah cr kedai lain :( .......(sedih ).

Akue tanya Mother akue berapa harga kek Aunty akue time dia kahwin dulu. Dia kata RM130 jer utk 3 Tingkat,  refund stand & patung after majlis..... so harge kek dlm RM100, murah !!!!! 6 tahun lalu !!!!

Akue tanya punya tanya kunun2 utk Kek 8 Kilo yg bertingkat2, harga  nya boleh mencecah RM500+++, owh Tidak !!!! Reject, saje tanya minta puji mau juga ambek tau...... So continue misi order Kek Kahwin

Then akue request:-
1. Kek 2 Tingkat - oke !!
2. Cream Guna Icing Sugar - reject coz heavy tokey kedai bilang, then
    specialist buat kek tue tiada pula on da date
3. Kek Bhgn Dlm Nak Color Red Velvet @ Maroon kunun2 sbb theme wedding
    Maroon kan - tp reject jg coz entah apa tokey tue komen... %!!&!^!@*#!*

Dan Akhirnya
1. Kek 2 Tingkat 3 Kg
2. Cream guna Fresh Cream , Cream Color + Deco Fresh Fruits
3. Kek Bhgn Dlm Flavour Strawberry mix fruits..................... ( kc oke jak lah tkt
    kang akue argue byk2, tokey tak mo buat kek akue pula ) emmmmm

Price 3Kg Fresh Cream Cake ialah RM185 - Refund Item Stand & Statue Bride & BrideGroom RM30, maknanya kenaikan price Kek after 6 tahun dulu ialah RM50, tp kek akue hanya 2 tingkat jer pon !!!!!! Bayangkan yg bertingkat2, adeh ....

Time order Kek, Ayang join sekali, dia hanya geleng2 kepala  tgk gelagat akue then dia smpt cakap lagi kat Akue...... Ish !!! Apasal Suke Request Bukan2, akue pun kata lah...... Biarlah suka hati, at last feel mcm Kek tue ikut cita rasa tokey kedai tue pula !!! adoiyai grrrrrrr......

Klu trend skang byk org suka order Kek Fondant, mcm2 patern/design/bentuk leh buat, tp akue kurang berminat sbb akue tau klu Kek Fondant ramai org akan buang Fondant tue sebab manis sangat, so better akue play save ketara sgt akue nie Old School ahahaha tapi akue sangat adore CAKE BOSS oke !!! .......... tak pa lah yg penting  Veteran2,Makcik2,Pakcik2 & Budak2 senang nak telan.

Cup Cake pun not my choice...... but akue ada prepare Mini Cupcake special utk Meja Guess Book (wait 4 the entri yah)

Fondant Cake Polkadot ...... Suke !!!!
Image Detail
Fondant Cake With Colorfull Rose
Image Detail
Fondant Cake Sakura Flower..... Like !!!
Fondant Renda Cake
Image Detail
Cup Cake .......... Wah Very Suka & Like !!!
Ruffled Cake ............. Paling Like !!!!!!!!
Truly by,
 Soo Rie Ann Tee